A Note From The Founder

I wrote this note in August of 2014. It stemmed from some things that were said about one of the MSK team perpetuating negative stereotypes of women by a post she posted on Instagram. It was relevant then and is still relevant now. Just because we talk about negative things, events and/or experiences does not mean we have to be negative or perpetuate negativity. I decided to re-share this to serve as a reminder that we can address the negative without becoming it.

My Sistahs Keeper was founded not only to uplift embrace and support women, but it is also here to empower women. Part of empowering is education. A significant part of education is creating dialogue about topics and issues that relate to women.

I personally believe that we can engage in dialogue about negative and unpleasant experiences and topics without perpetuating and/or promoting negativity. To do this we need to be able to self evaluate and recognize our own personal bias as well as our privilege. It is important ti realize that there is no universal woman with a universal experience. Therefore we cannot discount our Sistahs that may or may not have experienced a situation the same as we have. To do that would be an injustice and it would negate our purpose.

My charge to all of us, myself and staff included, is to keep these things in mind when we enter into and while we are in the midst of dialogue. We do not want to be another barrier that has to be overcome. My hope is that this is received with an open heart and mind and we can go forth creating dialogue that will be a springboard for the change we are all working so hard to see.

Peace & Love

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