Case Management 


MSK Case Management services assist low income and impoverished women with children in managing and maintaining resources that will enable them to live healthy lifestyles through preventative measures.



MSK Wellness program assist client’s in living healthier lifestyles. Through education on meal planning and preparation, preventative care and physical activity for them and their children the wellness program provides a rounded perspective to help all clients no matter their current level of health. 

Apparel Attic


MSK Apparel Attic will supplies clients with adequate seasonal clothing for thier families. Each client that is in need of clothing assistance will be allowed to get 1-4 outfits from the Apparel Attic on a bi-monthly basis for themselves and their children based on the current inventory. 



MSK Prevention program provides resources that will assist our clients in maintaining healthy lifestyles through preventative measures. Client's will be able to receive 

  • Sexual health education (one on one and group options)

  • Safer sex options and tools

  • Referrals for free HIV testing

  • Feminine hygiene products 



MSK Outreach program is one of the ways we give back to the community and assit our client's in helping to make a difference. During our outreach we pass out food, clothes and hygiene kits to the homeless and less fortunate. Although we are our sistahs keeper we do not discriminate. All in need can and will be helped during our outreach program. We encourage our client's to volunteer during our outreach days to assist with thier journey of becoming self-sufficent in the community. Helping others is not just good for those being helped but it is also good for the helpers.