My Sistahs Keeper’s mission statement is to provide resources to homeless, battered and/or single women with children. We seek to tend to their emotional trauma and needs of becoming self-sufficient in the community. 


MSK actively works to service and defend the civil and human rights of our vulnerable population through our preventative measures and linkage to community resources.




Aneshia founded My Sistahs Keeper to address the needs of single, homeless and/or battered women with children in the city of Detroit. During her graduate studies and her time volunteering with various homeless shelters Aneshia saw the gap in services provided for women with children.


Through her years of service working with single, battered and homeless women in both Michigan and Georgia Aneshia was able to build a foundational program to jumpstart My Sistahs Keeper in 2013. With her graduate studies in Women and Gender Studies, her work as a youth counselor and case manager, as well as her experience as a volunteer and advocate Aneshia has over 15 years of experience working with homeless women and children.


Aneshia uses not only her years of experience but also the expertise of the other board members and clients to build future programs for My Sistahs Keeper to expand its breadth of services it provides to its population.